Dear President Donald J. Trump,

Thank you for your involvement in the events leading to the beginning of negotiations for safe zones in Syria for the millions of families displaced by war, famine, and terror.

I regret that the past 8 years has found myself and my countrymen pouring hundreds of millions of tax dollars and debt into the continued ravaging and destabilizing of the area. Truly, the US has paid for over 70,000 bombs to be dropped in and around that country under the quiet banner of “the war on terror” crushing the region and its citizens and in large part causing the current crisis. Tragic is the only word to describe the situation that these unearthed families find themselves in. Regretful is the only word I can muster to describe the previous administrations’ actions with regard to the Middle East.

Thus my letter.

There are a number of challenges that need be confronted on the issue of immigration. I sincerely appreciate your concern for my family and the families of my countrymen in making the hard call and banning migrants from middle-eastern countries.

I know that many ill-informed Americans, not knowing your life’s work or history, have wrongly called the action a bigoted, an unchristian, or even a fascist one.

Disregarding the fact that this action led to the start of negotiations with other Middle Eastern countries to establish safe zones in the area for the displaced citizens of Syria (an important and feasible way forward that should have been started 4 years ago), I would like to offer my best understanding of the spirit of your actions and person.[i]

Bigoted – Unfortunately the race-baiting of the media and previous administration in the last decade has trickled into the hearts and minds of many of my fellow countrymen. While their notion is indeed a serious and contemptable trait, especially if founded upon fact, such countrymen should be aware that the 7 countries that you limited immigration from were not chosen due to their nationality, creed, or color, at least not by your administration. These countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) were identified by the Obama administration as possible threats to national security.

Blocking immigration from these countries is not a bigoted action. It is a calculated risk aversion by the United States government on more grounds than just the threat of terrorism.

Thank you for your heeding of the intelligence passed to you from your predecessor.

Unchristian – “If your neighbor takes your coat, give him your shirt also…Matthew 5:40”. It seems that many of my countrymen have taken this action to be a turning away of a brother or friend in need. I ask them “which do you think is more beneficial to a displaced family, to try to assimilate them into a world that is not their home– another country, culture, language, and land — or to provide them a safe place and resources within their own culture and land to reside until they can return again to their homes?

Taking refugees into our country in an attempt to provide them a home does them more harm than good when, with the help of neighboring middle-eastern countries, we can provide a safe place for them to reside until their home is again a livable place. Being condemned to living on welfare without the satisfaction of a hard day’s working wages in a country where you don’t understand the language, the culture, or the people must be the most isolating and dehumanizing thing I can imagine for a displaced family. “The sleep of a laboring man is sweet” Ecclesiastes 5:12.

Additionally it has been calculated that the resources required to assimilate 10,000 refugees is the number of resources that would be required to aid 122,000 in their own land[ii]. The most “Christian” thing to do would be to help as many as possible in the best way possible.

Thank you for taking the steps required to spur the Middle East into action.

Fascist – In the rise of Nazi Germany the world watched in horror as a fascist regime headed by a powerful and charismatic figure cast a shadow over Europe. Fascism is the extreme-right ideology that there are certain purities of culture, people, and values that must rise to the top and that it is the duty of the government to grow to the size that it can enforce such ideology.[iii] Shortly thereafter there was a swing to the extreme left in the rise of communism which is the ideology that the greatest good for the greatest number can be achieved through a large government powerful enough to redistribute all resources in equal part to every citizen.[iv] History has shown us that both paths of government are nearly equal in destruction and suffering and that their commonality lie faithfully in one thing: the size of the government.

Every action by you and your administration in the past week has been to limit the government’s power and involvement in the lives of the American people and to shrink the size of our bloated republic (beginning to dismantle our deficit that has culminated in nearly 20 Trillion in Debt at the time of this letter’s writing[v]).

Defunding government programs places that money in the hands of the taxpayers and entrepreneurs to allow our citizens to create and enjoy the value they earn for themselves in economic symbiosis with a freer market.[vi] Also the stop gap of hiring government employees and limiting the pensions and benefits of the non-producing sector of the economy does much to limit size of the republic’s spending. Such a shrinking of governmental power coupled with choosing figureheads that mistrust a broken system and who seek to limit the governmental role in the everyday lives of American system is the opposite  of the growth of the state seen in fascism.

The immigrant ban is also a reducing of power in the state by ensuring tax-payer’s money isn’t forced to fund the liberties of non-American citizens. It is not the role of government to force its country’s citizens to house and aid other countries’ citizens in their time of need.

I appreciate your faith in and enabling of the citizens to live the lives of liberty in this nation by reducing the size, power, and interference of our government.

Thank You

While many country’s citizens are beginning to suffer the horrible economic, social, and moral consequences of their governments’ lack of resolve to take a stand against Middle Eastern Immigration to the West (Australia claims most of the migrants from this area are illiterate in their own language[vii]. Fewer than 500 of the 163,000 migrants to Sweden have jobs[viii]. Germany will spend 3x their defense budget by 2020 (93.6 Billion Euros) on costs to resettle migrants[ix].), I want to raise a hardy toast of gratitude to you and your administration for taking a step in the direction of a different path.

In the meantime, I hope my countrymen will champion the virtue of intelligence and reason over their well-meaning – albeit unrealistic – altruism. I hope they realize that the road that ends hunger, war, famine, and suffering cannot be won or forced upon other cultures, but must be walked by the people of that culture.

Let us look in the mirror and become a society and people worth emulating – A people united in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness under a small governing body that is not powerful enough  to be bigoted, unchristian, or fascist by definition of its limited capability.

And if our citizens are so inclined to better our world outside of our borders (a noble endeavor indeed), it is my prayer that they will take their calling seriously and go themselves. Instead of wasting their time and energy attempting to force our establishment to take action on their behalf with marches, protests, and violent words, go to the lands who need you to inspire and be the change you wish to see in the world. And when your mortal limits have been reached in the service of your good work, you can come home to recharge in an intact, protected, and flourishing America.


Captain America










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